• baby: d-d-d-d
  • father: say dada! say dada!
  • baby: dada!
  • father: i will not praise you because that is behavioral conditioning and undermines your free will
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    I deserve passion. I deserve to be loved - in every way. I deserve a man who’ll give his whole heart, not the part he isn’t using at the moment.

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    This, dolls!

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    You carry six* languages in your tongue

    The first you learnt at eight
    When he called you away from your siblings
    And taught you why some men
    Who smile at little girls
    Make you uncomfortable
    You painfully learnt the secret language of mistrust.

    The second language you learnt
    At ten years old
    When your uncle said
    “You will never be
    as beautiful as your light skinned sister”
    you heard your mother cry
    Five years later,
    As you begged her
    To make your skin
    Just a little lighter
    For you have learnt the language of self-hate.

    The third language you learnt
    When you saw your auntie
    Go back to her husband
    The one Umuada chastised
    For hitting her
    She told you
    “A woman is nothing without a man”
    Her eyes gathering tears
    And you learnt
    The language of helplessness.

    The fourth language you learnt
    When he kissed you at twenty
    And you flinched
    He asked,
    “What are you scared of.”
    You didn’t tell him how
    Fluent your tongue is
    With the language of mistrust
    “You are a virgin”
    He asked
    And you saw the glee in his eyes
    That moment,
    You learnt another language
    The language of power.

    The fifth language you learnt
    At twenty five
    When your friends
    Brought you offerings of darkness
    And you painfully peeled your skin
    To reveal another being
    The language of change.

    Five* languages

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    the first temple
    i ever visited
    was the holy womb
    of my mother.
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    So many nights I have heard God crying in the corner of my room, screaming for me to live. God says, “someone show her a mirror! Someone show her a mirror!” as I watch God weave a blanket to cover my tired heart.
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